Monday, December 26, 2011

A Sweeter Surrender: Sweet and Sour Pork

At first, when I looked at this savory sweet and sour pork dish (Gulaorou) of Chinese cuisine, I cannot bare to wait any longer but to have a precious bite. Then, I craved more. The sauce was truly magnificent for my hungry urge.

Two ingredients must be present in this delicious Gulaorou to achieve balance of the dish - shaoxingjiu (Chinese rice wine) and koikuchi (Japanese dark color soy sauce).

Gulaorou (sweet and sour pork)

150g porkloin, 1.5cm cubed, bite size

1tsp koikuchi, Japanese soy sauce
1T shaoxingjiu, Chinese rice wine
1 1/2tsp ginger juice
1/8tsp black pepper
1tsp potato starch
1 1/2tsp vegetable oil

3T water
1 tsp potato starch
1/2 tsp baking powder
3T flour

60ml vegetable oil

2 pcs small green bell pepper, 1.5cm cubed, bite size
1/2 pc medium onion white, 1.5cm cubed, bite size
1/2pc medium carrot, 1.5cm cubed, bite size
50g pineapple chunks, bite size

500ml vegetable oil

1 1/2T koikuchi soy sauce
3T sugar
3T rice vinegar
1 1.2T ketchup
1/2 cup chicken broth
1/2T potato starch, diluted in 1T water
1tsp vegetable oil

salt, to taste

In a small bowl, marinate pork with soy sauce, rice wine, ginger juice and black pepper for 15minutes. Mix in potato starch and oil. Stir fry veggies in high heat until cooked in a pan and set aside. In another bowl, put all coating items and mix. Set the same pan over low heat, coat meat and quickly drop into the oil for deep frying. Cook until done. Put all sauce ingredients to a larger pan. Bring the mixture to boil, add the meat and the veggies. Stir. Season to taste. Serve


  1. I've never tried using chinese rice wine sa sweet and sour pork Will try it next time!

  2. anney, i read your latest post. i really like it.

    yup, try that rice wine. :)

  3. Merry Christmas Dear Spiky, I hope that your Christmas was blessed and your new year bright. The sweet and sour pork is one of my favorites. blessings, Catherine xo

  4. Que delícia!!!!

    ¨¨¨¸.•°` BOAS FESTAS!!!
    ¸.•°`♥✿⊱╮FELIZ 2012!!!

  5. wow..that looks awesome...I loved this version of yours :-)

  6. Tempting, colorful and absolutely good even though I do not eat much pork, this looks so delicious!!

  7. @Catherine @it's an honor for visiting my blog.

    @Jay im glad you love it. Happy Holidays!

    @Magia i dont speak spanish, but let's all welcome 2012 with a big big hug!

    @Only Fish Recipes thanks. congratulations again!

    @Malli you must be a vegetarian, mushroom is a good substitute to this, just add more veggies for additional proteins. :)

  8. And what did I do tonight? Popped a frozen pizza in the oven. :(


  9. Very delicious. I never tried this one yet. I should have to try my wife prepare this. thanks

  10. AHH I love sweet and sour pork too, but not really into making it. ahhh.

  11. thanks for sharing this recipe! medyo panay pa naman ang craving ko for this dish recently ;) will definitely try this!

  12. Done visiting here with a happy new year

  13. Wow! sarap naman....

    Ma try ko nga eto this new year para may bago namang recipe...

    Thanks for sharing...

  14. wishing u n ur family a very happy new year :-)

  15. Hi Spiky! A recipe to try for the weekend! I hope I can invite you to show off your colorful photos of anything and everything (an your recipes too!) at the weekly link party I host every Saturday to Monday. I'd love to see you party with us at Colorful Weekend!

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