Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reminisce fun with Halaan (Clam)

When I was a kid, me and my playmates used to jump into the river and let the waves carried us to the sea. It was really enjoyable to do it over and over. As soon as we reached the shoreline, sometime during low tide, we dug in to find halaan (clam) and brought it home as our lunch.
A rejuvenating shore in Alluring Albay

Back in those days, my friend's mother always cooked those sea shells deliciously even though without any use of oyster sauce. The sauce was not available in the place we lived in (perhaps not popular). Her most common way of cooking was to sautee and stew it.
Dine and Crave for it!

With the halaan I made, I cooked it differently with a twist of an Asian touch. I did this dish to maximize the use of oyster sauce and suit local and foreign taste buds.

Halaan in Oyster sauce

50ml vegetable oil
1 small red onion, minced
3 cloves garlic cloves, minced
2tsp ginger, minced
water, as needed
400g of halaan (clam), shells intact, cleaned
50ml water
2T oyster sauce
2 long chillies, red, seeds removed, thinly sliced
1 long chillies, red, seeds not removed, thinly sliced
1/2 tsp sugar
1/4 soy sauce
1 cup kangkong (water crest) leaves

long chillies, red, seeds removed
spring onion
pan-dried onion

Sautee onion, garlic and ginger for 2 minutes over medium heat. Avoid browning. Add clams. Add water to produce a steam. Stir slowly and continuously until more liquid comes out from clams or its shells are opened. With the presence of liquid, season with oyster sauce, chillies, sugar and soy sauce. Stir to distribute flavor. Add in kangkong. Continue stirring until the vegetable is cooked and liquid is reduced. Garnish with red long chillies, spring onion, and pan-dried onion on top. Serve.


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  2. I'm not very fond of eating those.. pero they really look delicious.. Kakagutom naman. hehe..

  3. paborito ko rin yang halaan. =)

  4. Hi, Spiky!
    Wow .. You are a great culinary artist!
    Your dishes always seem really delicious!
    Take Care!

  5. Wow! I love halaan! I have to agree with Clark. Magaling kang culinary artist :)

    Visiting back from Lifestyle and The Coffee Chic

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  7. Its so strange that I have never tried cooking clams at home and can't even remember the last time I tasted it. But I do make something similar with lala and extra chilly power.

  8. Nung hindi pa ako marunong mag luto ng halaan ang ginawa ko pagkabili sa palengke hinugasan lang at niluto. Yun pala dapat ibabad muna sa tubig para isuka yung buhangin. Ang dami tuloy buhangin nung niluto ko haha! naglulupa talaga yung halaan soup. lol!

  9. reminds me of my younger years at my grandma's province near the beach. we make soup out of it and serve with hot rice cooked from wooden stove.

  10. wow, seafood dish, looks so yummy! will try this one day...:)

  11. I love seafoods and like halaan! my sister cook it the same way your friends mom make it. :-) I never try halaan with oyster sauce yet but it looks delicious. :-)

  12. I miss this seafoodsthe picture looks makes the clam more appealing and I'm drooling.

  13. paborito ko rin iyan.....iba ang tawag diyan dito sa amin.....PANGTION....

  14. kaya bihira lang ako bumisita sa mga foodblog e.. natatakam ako ng husto.. yumm!

  15. @leah
    i made you hungry. it's eating time. :)

    hi there. welcome to food blog. keep supporting me.

    it isn't my favorite, pero pagganitong gutom wala akong pipiliin.

    @clark lost
    im glad you appreciate my presentation. but i still have a very long way to go to be a culinary artist.

    wow...this is really a good news for me. thanks for adding me.

    my clam is a bit salty, so i have to be careful of using oyster sauce and salt. you can use lala here as a substitute, same cooking procedure, lesser oyster sauce and salt, and more chili powder - Malaysian style.

    it's nice to learn from our mistakes. ganun din ako dati nagkulay yung gata ko. hahaha.

    fancy remembering friend's place also used simple wooden stove. me and my friends had to pick up dried woods everywhere.

    @Sam D.
    yes try this one... serve it with steamed rice. :)

    welcome to my food blog...i've been searching for the right word for one of my dishes and you mentioned it - "drooling"

    @arvin u. de la peña
    PANGTION. nice to know that. we have so many terms in Albay, but in my hometown we call this TAGATE (a stress on the second syllable).

    @batang lakwatsero
    thanks for a visit. keep in touch lang pare ko. bibisitahin din kita palagi. :)

  16. I miss seafood now. The way you cooked it looks really good. Masiramun ilingon na nakakagutom. :)

  17. This is a wonderful childhood memory. Thanks for sharing it with us.


  18. wow...the clams look so so delicious.....perfectly done :-)

  19. This looks wonderful. Blessings, Catherine

  20. what a refreshing looking beach, missed going to the beach too :-( the food looks delish :-) Visiting from Colorful Weekend, hope that you can return the visit too.

  21. my wife is into seafood and i told her about this recipe. can't wait to try it!

  22. great post. saraaaap! :) glad to find your blog, i just followed you.

    come and visit mine. :)

  23. childhood mem'ries were the best.. and food comes as great part of it..

  24. Timing nagugutom ako ngayon. hehehe.. masarap sigurado yan.. hehe.. salamat sa recipe.. :)

  25. ay.. thanks for the recipe! will definitely try that one soon!

    Late visit from Colorful Weekend..

  26. love this food... but its so hard to clean! too much sand sometimes. :) thanks for sharing...

  27. i dont like seafood too much, but its look delicious, maybe i can taste it sometimes. thx..

  28. Very delicious dish I should say. Thanks for sharing it.

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