Monday, July 12, 2010

Novice in Kitchen Setting

On my first day of training, I was introduced to a more ventilated and more spacious kitchen (no offense to my alma mater). This means I can work more efficiently. Staffs and other trainees were also friendly that I can execute things to the way I want to do. Thanks to our branch manager for such kindness for letting me to be in this company.

I wish I could tell what the place is but I can’t because I’m bound of obligations that I agreed upon. But what I can share are things that I have learned in my first assigned station – fry station:

1. Deveining shrimp by holding it with fore-, middle, and thumb fingers then a swing of deep and precise cut. I worked faster than usual using this technique. My knife skills have probably improved.

2. Labelling out of food items with names and dates. This is important move to avoid ingestion of spoilage. To our customers, you have no idea how much we’ve cared for you.

3. Dredging of food items such as shrimp, and chicken using FBF rule – flour, batter, flour. Squid has a BF rule only – batter and flour. Batter is a mixture of flour, egg, and spices.

There are many things I can still learn in the field of culinary but as of this moment, a little bit of smile plus dedication did perfectly work on my first day.

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