Friday, November 25, 2011

Never Tried Filipino Food!

Two years has passed since I entered the wonderful world of kitchen. I have tested my ability to cook different cuisines but a Filipino food was not well tackled.

I am a Filipino who is really proud to be one that's why it's time to show something patriotic, and something familiar with my heart.

Dishes I have tried cooking a couple of months ago I decided to do it were stewed mung beans, chicken ginger stew, and chicken or pork adobo. Thinking of these dishes truly makes my mouth more watery. I remembered that it was really difficult at first but eventually I have succeeded in yielding such food.

The stewed mung beans took a longer time to achieve its desired consistency and softness. There was a time when I use flour as one of the thickeners, but the food amazingly ended savory.

On the other hand, in chicken ginger stew, sauteing its main protein with ginger would be of great help to salvage the flavours of the chicken for stewing. I made it sure that I used enough ginger to reduce and remove the raw taste of chicken.

In adobo either pork or chicken, I always combine all the ingredients to begin with in order to save time. Then I add enough bay leaves half way thru the cooking process.

These great Pinoy dishes are something one can easily make. Even though I cook foreign dishes at first, bit by bit, I am now learning the local cuisine.

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