Saturday, December 24, 2011

Malaysian Delight: Beef Rendang

Originated from Indonesia, rendang (curry) had crawled to its neighboring countries like Malaysia and Philippines. It has produced variations with the use of a particular meat like chicken, pork, mutton or beef.
For a Malaysian choice of flavor, I made this beef rendang dish with spicier stint of chillies that will definitely gave you a drive to indulge this recipe.

Beef Rendang

beef chuck steak 300g, lean, 2cm cubed
1pc medium onions, roughly chopped
1tsp garlic, crushed
1 1/4 cups coconut milk
half tsp coriander, ground
a pinch fennel ground
half tsp cumin, ground
a pinch of cloves, ground
2pcs red chillies, chopped
1 stem lemon grass, white part only
half tsp lemon juice
half tsp sugar, grated, soft brown
salt, to taste

In a blender, process onion and garlic. Add water intermittently until smooth.

Put coco milk in a pan. Bring to boil then reduce to medium heat. Stir once in a while until milk is half reduced and oil has come out. Avoid browning of milk. Add coriander, fennel, cumin, and cloves. Distribute evenly for 1 min. Place meat and cook for about 4 minutes or until it changes color. Add in the processed mixture, chilli, lemon grass, and sugar. Set over moderate heat for 1 1/2 hours or until the mixture is reduced and quite thick. Stir often to avoid browning/burning at the base of pan.

Cook until oil comes out again, or color and flavor is evident. Season. When curry is brown and a bit dry, do the plating and serve.


  1. We too enjoy this but I normally make it with chicken or mutton because we don't eat beef. Its so lovely with nasi minyak or white rice too.

  2. @ nava.K.
    that's nice too. i love this rendang with nasi lemak, i love the taste of coco milk and the aroma of pandan (the green leaves usually steamed with rice).

  3. Wishes you and your family a Christmas filled with joy and a Happy New Year!

    HD Cafe

  4. lutuan mo ko nito libre hehehee srap tgnan eh hehehe prang msrap

  5. @rico
    hehehe. i was wondering how i will do that. pero sige, malay mo magkita tayo. ipagluto kita. Merry Xmas sayo rico. :)

  6. first time in your beef recipe looks just amazing...very delicious....glad to follow u here :-) do visit mine in your free time !

  7. Yummy rendang...glad to follow ur space.

  8. Belated Merry Christmas din. Happy New Year!!
    I like your recipes. =)

  9. wow sarap naman nyan!!pwede penge!!!ehhe

  10. ehm... ussually i'm eat this rendang after event "banca'an".. :D


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