Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Pechay-Garlic sauce as a Superhero

I was thinking about pesto sauce as I searched for fresh basil leaves in my fridge but I only found pechay (Chinese cabbage) instead. I told myself, 'Why not try?" Its color is green that resembles pesto. The flavor ranges from sweet to a tangy mustard-like taste, so it also has a 'wow' factor for my pasta. Then, my modification started.

Pechay can be seen and usually used in varied Asian cuisines like in Korea for kimchi, a salivating dish.

Chicken Pasta with Pechay-Garlic Dressing

3cups water
2tsp or 10ml butter
100g spaghetti pasta

50g chicken fillet
1pc large tomato, 1cm cubed
5pcs button mushroom, thinly sliced
salt, to taste
pepper, to taste

cheese, shredded, to taste

few drops of water
7pcs pechay leaves (chinese cabbage), stalk removed
garlic 3 cloves
pinch of long chilli, green, seeded minced
1 1/2tsp calamansi juice
1T or 15ml butter
salt, to taste

Boil water and butter in a small pot. Add pasta. Cook until al dente. Set aside and cover.

Fry chicken fillet (marinated with a little salt) in a pan of butter oil. Add potato and mushroom halfway thru the cooking process of the meat. Season. Set aside and cover.

In a blender, put drops of water, pechay leaves, long chilli, garlic, calamansi juice, and butter. Process until the consistency of a puree. Season with salt. Transfer and cook mixture to a low-set heated pan to reduce the rawness of pechay. Avoid browning.

To serve, put 3-4 tsp of the puree mixture as a dressing to pasta, meat and veggies. Top with cheese.


  1. Uy kakaiba yan ah! My niece Ykaie loves pesto. Di sya mahilig sa filipino style spaghetti lagi pag umoorder ng pasta e pesto.Nice alternative nga ang pechay pag walang mabiling basil. Pwede siguro para maglasang basil din ang pesto sauce e lalagyan na lang nung McCormick dried basil.

  2. i like food!!!have a nice day my friend!!!

  3. ang sarap naman nito sana maglaing din ako mgluto hehehe

  4. ano ba yan! ginutom tuloy ako - bat ba kasi napadpad ako sa nakakagutom na tambayang ito? - ahihihi - Patikim namn ako ng luto mo..

    Mukhang masarap ang mga recipe dito...

  5. Wow! really creative ..... will try that =) thanks for sharing this recipe =)

  6. the recipe n the flavor of it.:)
    Tasty Appetite

  7. I have not tried this before but sure looks good and will try making soon, thanks for sharing.

  8. @anney
    thanks for a creative mind. sinubukan ng kaibigan ko gumawa ng ganito with basil, masarap daw. i would like to try it sometime. then he added more of long chilli, and cheese on top. he said he reduced the use of butter. he used olive oil. and the pechay-garlic dressing he didnt lightly cook it, he eats it raw.

    i love anime too, naruto, bleach, one piece, etc. ill bookmark your site.

    anyone can cook. it's a trial and error naman eh. you will have to learn by experience and with your taste buds. ako, newbie pa lang naman. im sure you can surpass me if you start now.

    try making it, follow mo lang recipe. or go to our place, ipagluto kita. hihihi

    wow, chef. napadaan ka po. thanks sa visit. napressure tuloy ako. sana maging ok sa panlasa nyo.

    thanks, i just wanted it simplified.

    yes, you can play with this dish. coz malaysia also has a wide array of ingredients u can use.

  9. @KM
    super dali lang mahanp ang mga sangkap nito. magandang gabi. :)


  11. OoWahaw! The puree doubles not only as a pasta sauce, dressing , dips ant what nots! Galing! A different take on Pesto! Thanks for dropping by my site!

  12. wow! you're so resourceful ah :) I hope makuha ko rin yung skill na ganito sa pagluluto :) patikim naman niyan haha :)


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